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Members Only Area

Club Boat

MLSC now has a club boat. This is a great way to skipper a boat (both racing and cruising) without all the cost and hassle of owning your own boat.

The boat must be booked via the club boat reservation calendar in the members area. It can only be booked up to 14 days ahead. To reserve and use the boat, the skipper must be a member and be certified as a club boat user. To set up a certification reservation, contact one of the board members. At certification, you will receive the calendar login.

There is a fee of $250 for annual use to cover all expenses. Users must provide their own PFDs. The primary purpose of the boat is for racing which means during race times it can only be used for racing. Outside of race times, it can be used for cruising.  Alcohol is not allowed on the boat. 


MLSC Membership

Join MLSC and enjoy the fun of sailing, beginners welcome. 

Membership ($50.00) (This is now the only form of membership. Members of the same family must take out their own membership)
● Single membership
● Entitles member to skipper or crew on any boat registered with MLSC in MLSC-sanctioned races.
● This is a voting membership
● All members are required to participate on the Committee Boat for a minimum number of race days during the season. The minimum required race days will be determined by the Vice Commodore of Racing at the beginning of each season.
Boat Registration ($250.00)
● The Registered Boat owner must also pay for a Membership.
● Entitles the Registered Boat to be sailed in MLSC-sanctioned races.
● A Registered Boat can be sailed in MLSC-sanctioned races by any registered Family Member, with the approval of the Registered Boat’s owner.

Use the links below to download the Membership Form. Print it, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form with a check. Use the Contact Us link if you have any questions.