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MLSC Membership

We would be happy to have you become a member of MLSC. We have three membership options.

Family Membership ($50.00)
● Includes the registered party and his or her immediate family (spouse/partner and children).
● Entitles all members of the Family to skipper or crew on any boat registered with MLSC in MLSC-sanctioned races.
● Is a voting membership (one vote per Family).
● Family Members are eligible to sit on the MLSC Board.
Crew Membership ($30.00)
● Single membership; includes only the registered party.
● Entitles the registered party to crew on any boat registered with MLSC in MLSC-sanctioned races, provided a registered Famiy Member is also on board.
● Is a non-voting membership.
Boat Registration ($250.00)
● The Registered Boat owner must also pay for a Family Membership.
● Entitles the Registered Boat to be sailed in MLSC-sanctioned races.
● A Registered Boat can be sailed in MLSC-sanctioned races by any registered Family Member, with the approval of the Registered Boat’s owner.
● Registered Boat owners are required to participate on the Committee Boat for a minimum number of race days during the season. The minimum required race days will be determined by the Vice Commodore of Racing at the beginning of each season.
● At the end of the season, Registered Boat owners who have fulfilled their Committee Boat obligations will receive a partial refund of the registration fee. The registration fee and refund amount will be determined by the MLSC Board at the beginning of each season.

Use the link below to download the Membership Form. Print it, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form with a check. Use the Contact Us link if you have any questions.